Best way to create a new module

Hi guys, I’m interested in creating a module, which adds a new internal communication channel, similar to Trello with the aim of creating a ticketing or agile flowchart system.

The module has to add a new channel inside the ticket creation, (Right now just out, incoming call, outgoing call and email ~ by default). It will be called Issue and can be assigned to users or user groups. The most important thing within this channel will be the assignment of priorities and the type of advocacy.

I want to develop it in these weeks, for needs with my company. Any idea where to start, or what would be the best way to deal with this problem?

Hi @equero - these are currently partly hard code. We made a change in the past to add an advanced/internal setting to have them configurable. You can have a look at the commit to see a part of the implementation for details here:

Default types are added here.

This should be sufficient for the start / big picture. Let me know if I can clarify things.

Greetings, Thorsten