Best practice to respond to customer out of a ticket via mail

Hello community,

we have introduced Zammad a while ago but only for internal ticket tracking and activity. So far we did not communicate out of zammad to customers. Everything is fine so far.

We want to go this next step and I try to evaluate whats the most comfortable and easiest way to work on a ticket and inform a customer automatically via mail.

I guess the standard way to inform a customer automatically per mail is the answer button in a ticket. But in that case only my answer is sent via mail and no ticket history like the initial ticket. So that seems not to be the rigiht way.

Alternatively I played with a trigger that says, when writing a publicly visible comment on a ticket, send this comment per mail to the customer. Unfortunately the outgoing mail does only contain the publicly visible comment and no further history of the ticket.

So whats the correct process here?

Kind regards

The correct process is what will work best for you and your customers. It’s difficult for anyone to say what that best process is. I don’t believe there is a ‘best practice’ for this situation either. Do you need the full history or not. That’s for each company and their clients to decide.

That being said, if you want the history included when you reply in Zammad.

When viewing a ticket; click on the cog in the top right. That will open the ticket settings. In there change “Email - full quote” to yes. This will include the history in the replies.