Automated request for an account to hand over


Some of our customers use function accounts for their registration in Zammad. For this purpose, you use e-mail distribution lists, so that everyone is kept up to date for notifications.
Now it happened that, for example, when writing a ticket, this message appears (Translation):

A new session has been created with your user. The current session is paused to avoid conflicts.
Button: Resume session.

What happened? Another user has logged in with the same function account.

Not the “new one” is rejected, but the already existing session is interrupted. Sometimes there are ten users connected to one function account, so that it is not known when access will be possible again or who to speak so that the account is released again.

Customers would prefer it if the new session were interrupted rather than the existing session. Or - my suggestion: In case of a second login, there could be an automated request whether the account is allowed to be handed over. One knows this similarly from Office documents, which are on a server, which are just opened by someone. Could this be optimized, maybe like this?

Greetings from Cologne


Zammad currently enforces single sessions.
This means you can’t open the same user session on several browsers or locations.

The newest session always wins.
This has technical reasons. You may want to stop using shared accounts if you have this kind of issue on a regular basis.