Auth0 Integration / Community plugins

Hello guys,

We would like to use Zammad with a Auth0 SSO, but this feature has not been integrated into the core to constraint the core to a minimum viable sets of features as far as I understand of

Do you have some visibility on the possible integration of a plugin system for external contribution (like this one) into Zammad (the issue is quite old) ?

Other question, if we wanted to make it work right now, is this diff would almost fit the actual version : ?

Thank you


I doubt that this code will help too much, it’s 3 years old.
Many things may have changed in this context by now which you may need to fiddle a lot.

On 2017 we decided against the official implementation ( ).

Not quite sure what you mean, but Zammad allows you to add addons if needed…?
This thread should help you with that:

Thank you for your reply @MrGeneration.

So, as far as I understand, we can add Auth0 authentication to Zammad implementing a zpm, right ?

I have the feeling that would not be that hard, as Zammad use the OmniAuth lib which already implements Oauth2 with Auth0. Is that correct ?

Thank you

That’s correct.

Sorry, I’m not a developer and can’t provide qualified answers on how “easy” something in these terms is. Especially I also can’t provide detailed information on what is needed.

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