Attachments: data ase vs filesystem

Hi all,

I’m just trying to understand which of the two solutions is better.

I’m implementing a ticketing system which will have ~30 users and lots of attachments (mainly docs and pictures).
As far as I have understood it may be good to use filesystem instead of the database, but what are the real benefits of this solution?

Storing attachments in your database means potential performance degration because:

  • reading bigger data shunks requies the database to block the connection for a longer time
  • the application server thus also requires more time on collecting data

It’s also a down side because you cannot backup database dumps incremental (if you’d backup your system via third party tools; file systems can be backed up incrementally). This causes bigger backups in general.

Your filesystem on the other hand would:

  • use operating system caching mechanism for files (aka having cache in your memory → speeeeed)
  • your database is not involved
  • did I mention incremental backups already?
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