Archiving in zammad and question about using mysql instead of postgres


I have two questions :

1- I want to ask how tickets are archived in zammad? is it automatically? every 6 months for example? it is done by an external tool?

2- I want to change database from postgres to an external mysql database (because I have experts in mysql in my company)
The recommendation is to use postgres, will I face problems using mysql?

Zammad doesn’t come with an archiving functionality.
We close tickets and that’s if, I mean how would archiving look to you? Everyone I ask gives a complete different answer which proberbly will never lead to a point some one wants.

So, please, describe your use case or your goal. (“I want to archive” is not the complete goal - you want to do that for a specific reason and you also want it in a specific way)

This answer is not easy to answer and depends on a lot of factors.
Usually the answer is “no”, but MySQL is more likely to cause issues because of encodings and when using emoticons for example.

Note that you’ll need to convert your database from postgresql to mysql which is not the easiest step.
Before you ask: This is out of scope for the community.

Sorry for the late answer,
What I mean about archiving for example after 5-6 years of using zammad , the database will contain a lot of data so we should archive old data.otherwise I think I big database will affect the performance of zammad .

onther question please: what is the max size of zammad database (estimation with 40 agents and 200 customer)?

Thank you

Zammad doesn’t come with maximum storage sizes for either filesystem or database.
This solely depends on your database server and used filesystem.

Basically Zammad doesn’t care. :wink:
Also, just because you have a fairly big database, this doesn’t have to mean it’s being slow.

In Short:
Zammad doesn’t have an archiving function in any way.

That’s btw impossible to estimate. Any instance behaves differently. We have 3 year old instance that have like 10GB of total size, but there’s also younger ones with over 400GB. No issues at all.

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