API Endpoint tickets/mass_update

Hi, i use the API endpoint “tickets/mass_update” to mass update ticket attributes. I find the endpoint very useful and wonder why there is no documentation on it. Are there any reasons for this?

Hi @chw0

thanks for asking. There is no specific reason for that, I think it was just not important enough, so far.

I created an issue on Github and will add additional information to the documentation.

Your topic is going to be closed here.

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Hi again :slight_smile:

We just had an internal coordination and it turned out that it has a reason, why this endpoint is not documented. Before the documentation is done, the endpoints have to be improved and a proper error handling has to be implemented.

Means there is currently no documentation for that. We will create it in the future after re-factoring some code.

Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: I was able to figure out my use case myself, but i was concerned that the endpoint might be removed or so