Advice for handling group with a lot of emails

We are looking at changing our ticketing system from kayako to zammad.

One thing though is in our existing system we have sub groups. Eg we have a lot of emails that are been dumped into our existing system like backups complete server updated etc etc.
These do get looked at but are not high priority.

Now we have a folder structure like
Alerts→backups etc. But in zammad I would have to create a lot of groups and they would all be at the same level. As there are more than 50 of these sub folders

The other idea I had was to use tags . I m just looking for advise on how anyone handles this kind of thing.

Off course if they hadn’t started to use the ticketing system as a dumping ground then I wouldn’t have to deal with this

Thanks for your ideas

I would set up a filter under
Settings -> Email -> Filter

Maybe u don´t want them in the ticket system, you could ignore them via the filter too.

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