Additional Printable Ticket Reports

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Additional printable ticket report in one paper,
Everytime you print the ticket have a additional one paper on the 1st page (Ticket Reports ) and followed by the whole conversation of the ticket,

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Describe the solution you’d like
For the recommendation box, if possible to add additional button to send the recommendation like on the Internal and Public notes
if you select the recommendation button and update the ticket the note you send is the one appear in the recommendation box on the Ticket report page,

And if the ticket is re open we can also deselect the 1st recommendation note to set a new one
only 1 recommendation in 1 ticket and also all changes are recorded in history

I think with that you can use that report if someone need a hard copy with complete details of the ticket and not reading the whole conversation sometimes 3 to 5 pages

This is to have an option to print only 1 paper with the complete details of the ticket and with recommendation


Good day sir @MrGeneration , if I may, requesting your comment regarding to my above FR, it is possible? :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

It’s proberbly possible, but I don’t know if we’d implement that.

@Community feel free to vote on initial post regarding this topic with “heart”.


Hopping Sir to implement​:pray::pray::pray:

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