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Hi all,

is there any way to tag a ticket when it is opened via email with Zammad 3.4.x?

Say, a user sends an email like this:

Subject: [installation request] Install latest Zammad


Subjec: [grant permissions] Permissions for user foobar


For now, the only way I found to tag a ticket is by having the customers going to the web interface and adding it…

Thanks in advance!


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There is a trigger action for adding a tag, does that not work?

Hi @awedor,

thanks for your reply.

The idea of tagging a ticket via email is to create an Overview for a particular user profile, for audit purposes.

Something like: how many “grant permission” requests have we done in the last month/year?

The trigger you mention adds a tag based on the ticket being open, closed, etc… so this is not what I look for.

Or am I overseeing something obvious here?


I mean like this:

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It looks good!

Let me try this and I will get back to you.


which Zammad version are you using in the example above?

For some reason, my tag is not created (does not turn grey like yours) …

Thanks again!

I just tested this on my 3.5 test Zammad site and it works. To get the tag to turn grey like in my screenshot I press TAB after I typed the tag name. After you save the trigger the tag doesn’t show up under settings -> tags because it hasn’t been used. Once the first ticket gets this tag assigned it shows up unter settings.

Hmm… no matter how many times I hit the TAB key, it does not get grey like in your screenshot…

This is what I get:

As soon as I hit “Submit”, the tag itself disappears:

Is that what you meant above?


Quick reply to myself… I’m an idiot :smiley:

There is a little switch that looks like this:


It was disabled…

Now the tags I create become grey like yours and the trigger works like a charm :slight_smile: So do the Overviews too.

Thanks for your assistance mate!


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I was just about to ask if the switch is enabled :wink:
Glad it works.

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