Add several destination groups for emails?

(Full server setup can be found here.)

I would like to know what the best way is for asorting tickets into groups directly on arrival? I saw that you can add one “Destination group” but several email addresses for that Destination group.

I would like to be able to add one email per Destination Group.

Right now I’m testing “Filters” but I think it would be even better to be able to add the Destination Group here directly:


if each email address has it’s own mailbox you could configure multiple channel’s in zammad. Otherwise maybe you could use triggers, and have a trigger for each email address and assign it to a group.


The mailboxes are aliases for the original address, so they don’t have “their own” mailbox, though all emails ends up in the same mailbox which is the original one configured.

I’ll have a look at triggers, thanks for the advice!

Hey, instead of aliases you might use sub-addressing aka. plus-addressing. So you have different email addresses, but still a single mail account in the back.

How does that differ from Aliases in other words than the Wikipedia link you sent?

We use Office365 today, do you know if that’s possible? The end goal is to use one license but several email addresses.


Yeah, we use O365 too. Plus-addressing has just been enabled by MS a few months ago. We tested the feature in general, but haven’t integrated into Zammad jet.

# log in to O365
Get-OrganizationConfig | select AllowPlusAddressInRecipients
# enable/disable the feature
Set-OrganizationConfig -AllowPlusAddressInRecipients <$true | $false>

Postmaster filters are the best way to re-route incoming mails if needed.
See: Filters — Zammad documentation

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