35C3 – Chaos Communication Congress Giveaway

The 35th annual Chaos Communication Congress is coming up in just two weeks
and as our way of saying thanks to our incredible community,
we’re inviting one lucky contributor to join us there!
The winner will also receive a handful of Zammad swag!

If you have:

  • helped somone on the community forums,
  • participated in an issue or PR on GitHub,
  • edited documentation, or
  • added or improved translations in the Zammad UI,

then you’re eligible to win.
Just send us a message at 35c3@zammad.com
before midnight on Sunday 23 December 2018.
(Please include a link to your contribution for verification purposes.)

And if you’re already planning on going, drop us a line—we’d love to meet up. :slight_smile:

See you in Leipzig!

The Zammad Team

P.S. It’s never to late to start contributing :wink: