2. Question: With what release was Dark Mode introduced in Zammad?


Dark Mode came with release…
  • 5.0
  • 5.3
  • 5.4
  • 6.0
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Fun fact: Dark Mode was actually not planned initially. IIRC we had an off-site, and Hannes and me were really annoyed about the white mode of zammad and started some quick hacks to modify the CSS to a dark mode via browser tools, later moved to a package.

@MrGeneration was peeking on my screen, and it took not very long until he started committing as well. We teamed up and worked on it for a couple of weeks on the side when we had a quite minute.

So it actually released as a package for zammad 5.0, if you count packages as well :smile:

We refined it a couple of months and started using it on our own support instance. I remember that this opened the box of the pandora. Our support team liked it and then our customers started requesting us weekly bases that they want that dark mode as well and that they want the package. Because they had seen it on our system… the hidden feature^^

The requests were stacking and then Martin said that we should definitely put it into core. It got planned and was rewritten my Felix, because we just had overwritten a couple of CSS classes, pretty hacky. Felix provided a proper way which could be also used today to create your own themes: