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I was wondering what the current status is of a new editor for the knowledge base? I found this issue (WYSIWYG / RichText Editor · Issue #330 · zammad/zammad · GitHub) on Github which was created in 2016 and was locked for collaborators in 2018. Are there any news on that?

I think the cheat sheet is nice but it would be great if there was a UI for that. It would simplify the text editor enormous.

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during an Online Training with Zammad I asked the same question to add a few more buttons for text styling. I was told that the “shortcut solution” is the minimal approach CI baseline Zammad is using everywhere.
I am hoping, too, that there will be an option in the future to enable / disable some sort of buttons around the textareas. Bold, underline, (un-)ordered list etc would be a great addon in our daily work with Zammad.

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That is such a bummer and not really understandable to me. I think it should be possible to create a clean looking text editor. Not everyone that writes into the knowledge base is a poweruser that knows all the shortcuts. I find it quite confusing that you have to remember a shortcut to see all the available shortcuts.

I don’t understand why they don’t close the github issue if they are not intending to create a new editor that is suitable for all kinds of users.

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You literately only have to run a simple search on this board to find several threads where also team members explained the whys.

I am sorry for not looking first. Did you mean this explanation? Text editor enhancements - #4 by thorsteneckel

So Zammad is supposed to get a new editor but there isn’t an eta yet on when?

Would it be possible to add something like “Formating Help” to the editing page, so that you don’t have to remember the shortcut strg+shift+h? Maybe at the top next to “Weblink”, “Link Answer”, “Image”, "Video, “Formatting Help”

It doesn’t make any sense to touch those kind of UI parts several time does it?
Would you really say that adding these “short help” things and thus delaying the actual editor even more is a good idea and reasonable?

There’s no ETA. It’s coming when it’s ready. Everything that is possible is shown in the keyboard shortcut menu: Keyboard Shortcuts — Zammad (for Agents) documentation

Yes, shortcuts for your keyboard but -right now- better than nothing.