How I do create my own fuctions for Zammad

Just had this thrown in my lap at work and I need to get some forms working - which isn’t a thing in Zammad.

Where are the functions in Zammad and how can I make my own?

Thank you.

Sorry I don’t exactly understand your question or use case.
Possibly our documentation helps through:

I would like to create my own forms/ticket templates in Zammad. That functionality doesn’t appear to exist. It looks like you have premade functions that handle ticket creation and form filling.

How can I create my own functions to make custom forms and ticket fields for users?

The API is the best pick for that approach:

Extending existing forms is not update save and thus shouldn’t be done to stay on an updatable installation.

If you want to add stuff you could go by addons, there’s no documentation for that.
This forum thread might help through: