Building a custom integration - How to start?

I would really like to build a custom integration for Zammad with our document management system. Its a system not widly spread, so this is definitivly no feature request, but for a rather big open source project, I do find very little documentation on how to do custom development.

I see that there is the system → packages menu, but the docs do not state how the structure of such a package must look like. I see there are integrations like GitHub in the latest version, but I did not find any templates how to build something on my own, yet.

Can anyone provide any details or starting points to this? I would be happy to put all the stuff I get to a public repo or into the official documentation to help others.

Zammad is a great tool, but the power of open source should be the ease of building our own solution on top of it…

Thanks for any help!

Really, no one? Are there no developers around that are thrilled about building cool stuff to make peoples lives easier?

Jokes aside, I would really like to get working on this, but I currently don’t have any experience in any of the languagues used in Zammad, so I do need some starting points.

Perhaps it would be possible to buy some time from the Zammad folks to get me started?

Maybe these links will help something.

The following GitHub pull request has been helpful in leading me down a good path of creating an extension (instead of trying to merge native features directly into the Zammad community codebase):

I am interested in adding Azure DevOps integration… Looks like there are at least a few of us who would benefit :wink:

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