Zammad working whatsapp

Hi, i have a one question and is if Zammad can work with Whatsapp, i read any links about of this but in actuallity this is possible?.

Sorry, but Zammad does not have a WhatsApp core.
If I remember correctly, someone on the community wrote a package as addon to install, but I can’t find it currently.

Ah ok i understand, but if i find this package, this can upload the package and auto-install this funtion? or i have that execute other compilations more.

Sorry but I can’t provide help to that question.
You technically can install any addon you want, but if it’s not a offical one from Zammad, we won’t be able to support it.

If you manage to find the addon in question it should have a readme or at least installation instructions telling you what you have to do.

Ok, i understand but as you commented to me this, i thinked that you have a information

Thanks for you response.

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