Zammad WordPress Plugin

Hi there,

for those who want to integrate Zammad Chat, Form & API into WordPress: I have written a Plugin for embedding Zammad into WordPress. This also adds some functionality I was missing from Zammad so far:

  • Chat: Display messages while waiting for an agent
  • Chat: Set a maximum waiting time before…
  • Chat: Fallback to a Contact Form if no agent is available
  • Chat: Add as many Support Chats as you need via an easy to use function zammad_register_chat()
  • Forms: Build complex forms e.g. with HTML Forms Plugin and send the submitted values to Zammad
  • Chat & Forms: Adjust all settings and strings either in the register functions or via hooks
  • Well documented: Home · ouun/zammad-wp Wiki · GitHub

I think it can be useful for others and I am very interested in your feedback and contributions via PRs.



Hi @philipp. Thanks for your plugin.

I’m totally a newbie regarding wordpress. I tried to follow your documentation but I’m totally lost.

Could you help me to install your plugin?

I’m interested on integrate Zammad Chat and Forms on my site.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @hrmtc,

indeed it can be a bit tricky for starters to use it. However can you please open an issue on GitHub with a detailed description what your issue is. Otherwise I can not be of great help.

Kind regards

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