Zammad with MariaDB


I have installed MariaDB 10.3 before installing zammad on (CENTOS 7) but when i launched : " yum install zammad " it used postgresql.

How can i use zammad with MariaDB?

And for ElasticSearch can i use version 6 ?

Please urgent



The RPM package has Postgres DB included as this is their recommended database. If you want to use another DB, you will need to install using their source packages.

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Thanks for your feedback, so no way to use RPM package with another DB ?

I was also unable to install it from the package using MaraiaDB/MySQL as database engine. If you want to use MaraiaDB I can recommend this tutorial:

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Thanks for your reply, my company wants it from RPM package because it’s more easy when updating.Can you tell me please what did you do to make zammad using mariadb (config files …)step by step if it’s possible please.

Sure, just follow the steps in the documentation. When you run the command “bundle install” make sure, that you use the params “–without postgres”. But that’s also mentioned in the documentation. :wink:

And a small addition to the elasticsearch question: No, you can’t use Version 6, as Zammad does not support it at the moment. If you use Version 6, this will lead to strange errors that we can’t support.

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