Zammad ticket escalation with SLAs is not working :(


we have been running Zammad for about 2 months now, Using the 4.1 Version. We are still trying to get know this Software more. We are struggling now to complete some configuration perefencese.
we wanted to set up our SLAs but Zammad seems not being able to realize these set ups!!
i created a new SLA with:
Status - is - open/new
Gruppe - is - *******
Deadline Date - is - ..****

before i save the changes the overview shows already escalated Tickets, so i thought thats a good sign there are already escalated tickts and they will be shown in my ticket overviews under ‘escalated tickts’ but unfortunately that didnt work, the escalation funktion didnt work and i dont know why, i did set up the time zone in the calender and dont know what to do any more!! Do you have a tip for me maybe ??
thanx :slight_smile:

Could you please describe “does not work” better?
What do you expect to happens and what happens instead?

Right now I have no idea what you’re talking about.

the thing is that when i set a deadline for a ticket the system does not notify me when the deadline ist approached and in my Ticketlist i cant see that this ticket is escalated!! Do i have to do any other setups in order for the system to notify me as soon as a ticket escaltes ?


Yeah sorry, that’s not how escalations work - at all.
If you want Zammad to remind you on a specific moment of a ticket, set it to pending reminder (if applicable).

If you really want to use SLA then define first response and solution times.
These are global for the set of tickets that match your conditions.

However: Having something like setting a due date does not affect SLA calculations at all.
This is something the core doesn’t provide.

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