Zammad signature in new case

Hi, is possible that when i create a new case and i select my agent appearme the signature the data of this agent?


Cause appear me only (-) but this work for autoresponse and everything else.

Please provide the signature you configured so we can see which variables you’ve tried to use.

@MrGeneration this are the variables on my signature:

#{ticket.owner.firstname} #{ticket.owner.lastname}

This working for the responses but for new cases not load.

Hi, anybody can say me other method for create a signature in new case?

The ticket owner is not yet set during the ticket creation and thus the variable is not set at that moment.
The signature is loaded during the switch to “email” thus the owner must be set before or other wise can’t be determined and thus is empty ( -)

But when i create a new case i put this information


What is the style for that appear a informatioin about of the agent or simply not will load this information in the new case.

Sorry I don’t understand the problem.
Zammad can’t provide variable content of variables that are not yet set in a situation the signature is being called.

The signature is not changed dynamically after it has been inserted. It only changes if you change the group and it does have a different signature.

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