Zammad + ruby mine

what is necessary to run/develop zammad in rubymine (I am a ruby noob)!?

Hi @lr1980 - (as far as I know) all Zammad core devs use Sublime as their code editor so we have no experience with rubymine. What are the obstacles you encounter?

OK now rails is working (cli and in rubymine with rbenv). Now I try to understand “spine” / gui of zammad. In the source I found “debug” log messages… how can I enable logging of javascript / spine ui that help me to understand spine etc.!?

thx for your help…

SpineJS is a really slim MVC framework written in Coffescript. The debug messages are not really printed but send to a central loggin service if activated. It’s deactivated by default. You can find it in Admin -> System -> Frontend. This helps us to track down bugs on remote systems. I doubt that it will help you.
Sadly we have no additional documentation for the frontend. Please ask any questions if they arise.