Zammad on Raspberry Pi?


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.9
  • Used Zammad installation source: NA
  • Operating system: Raspbian 9
  • Browser + version: NA

I wanted to Install Zammad on a Raspberry Pi. Is there any instruction available to do this?



Hey @timvdhoorn,

cool idea! Still, i doubt that’ll be fun in a long-term setup depending on your Raspi model (concidering hardware specs).
AFAIK there’s no official instruction but maybe someone else on here played around with it.


If you’re using raspbian you should be able to stick with the debian branch (as it’s based on debian).

But as svnr-dvnkln already noted, I wouldn’t recommend it as well.
You’d need to run elasticsearch and database on different machines to have more air for Zammad, this will be a pain in terms of performance.

Thanks for the reply’s! I tried installing but no success because of the ARM architecture.

@MrGeneration I thought is was possible to run Zammad without Elasticsearch? (Maybe I miss understood)


It is but it will cut you off from functions like search (use management as well btw), so you really should stick with it as Zammad won’t fallback at all parts.

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