Zammad export inform

Hi, i need export a report in format pdf this is possible with Zammad?


Zammad does not provide possibilities to export reporting information (neither for time accounting nor reporting itself) as PDF.

However, you could achieve that by using Zammads API.
Grafana or similar tools may also be an option if you don’t want to provide ticket content.

Thanks @MrGeneration then i need install other server with grafana and linked with the Zammad API?

You’d want to use Elasticsearch as data source on your Grafana installation.
You could also install Grafana on the same server - this would be easier for you.

Thank but my server have resource very limits is for this that i thinked that i’ll need other server; you know if this modulo of reporting will be enable in future versions?

Sorry but I can’t forecast what’s next in Zammad, we in general won’t provide that detailed information on that regard.

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