Zammad CTI + Issabel Asterisk Integration

Hello Experts,

I’ve Zammad 3.x installed as DEMO system as well as i’ve Issabelpbx (asterisk version 11) installed and configured.

Now using the Curl feature in Asterisk im able to receive new call popup and as well as if i hangup the call the Zammad shows the call is hanged up.

So the Newcall and Hangup events are working fine. What im struggling in the Answer even doesn’t pass from Asterisk … i’ve tried the Dialstatus variable but it doesn’t execute on the asterisk side.

Appreciate if someone can share his working dialplan.

If you use queues you can set it like this:

  1. add in


  1. add in:

exten => s,1,noop(*test_curl_zammad*)
same=>n,Set(Answer =${CURL(https://zammad.url/api/v1/cti/TOKEN/,[event=answer&from=${CALLERID(num)}&to=${CALLERID(dnid)}&direction=in&callId=${CHANNEL(LINKEDID)}])})
same => n,verbose(${Answer })
same => n,Return

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