Zammad close case

Hi, i have a ticket as open state (RE: SHIPPING TEST [Case # 69045]) but when i finish the attention i change to closed state and zammarad send email of notificacion about of close (Thank you for your inquiry (Case Closure (Incident Completion (SEND TEST))) [Case # 69046]) but if the customer send a email as response to this case, this email send as new case (Case closure (Completion of your incident (SEND TEST))) without number. How can deny the entry of this email and say that this case is close and that open a new case?

In Group options i have this configuration:


I wait for your help.

Sorry but I’m not able to read or understand the language you’re using in Zammad.
I guess this is the option that no follow up is possible.

This means that no one can answer on closed tickets. This will always cause Zammad opening a new ticket.

Further information about this groups can be found in our documentation:

Hi @MrGeneration thanks for the clarify i understand when i close case if the customer send a email over this case the system create this as a new case but can the system send a email to the customer saying that the last case is closed?

Yes that’s perfectly possible with a trigger:

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