Zammad and Elasticsearch in production

Hi All,

I’ve installed Zammad and Elasticsearch in a develpment vps to test. Reading Zammad installation doc, please correct me if I am wrong, I couldn’t see any reference for Elasticsearch in production. So, I’d like to get some experience from you about both in production.

I think Elasticsearch needs, at least, 3 nodes to proper distribute shards/replicas, avoid a situation called “split-brain” and data loss. Elasticsearch doc,, recommends some configs before go to production.

Is it really necessary to work with Zammad?

Thanks for some advice.

Yes, elasticsearch is needed for using essential Zammad functions.
No, you don’t need to run it in a cluster.

I am using elasticsearch with Zammad in a enviroment with 100 daily mails (500 peak) and it runs just fine (productive). I know instances with far beyond 4000 tickets per day. Works just fine, even without cluster.

Thanks Marcel to share your experience. I’ll try using just one node.

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