Zammad agent as customer to create tickets

Dear Experts,

We are running Zammad version 5.3.0-1670492123.7c45d087.buster
We have a “common” agent role that checks both agent and customer inside the ticket field. It seems working fine in the past but today we moved the system into production and I found that when agents sent email to our group mailbox, no new ticket was created in Zammad.

We sync the agent users from LDAP, each agent group will be mapped to 2 different roles, one is agent, another one is their own agent - IT for example. agent - IT controls the unique permission so other groups will not be able to manage the tickets that don’t belong to them.

Anywhere I can troubleshoot?
Thanks a lot.

First of all:
Your role configuration is invalid - ticket.agent and ticket.customer may not be set in the same role!
See: Agent Permissions — Zammad documentation

For your actual issue: If I’d have to guess I’d say you’re having two Zammad instances and the other one which is not productive is faster in fetching mail. You can cross check this by having a look into the affected mailbox in question to see if the mail is being deleted / marked as read or not.

If you tell Zammad to keep mails on the server, the mail has to be UNREAD so it actually fetches it.
This usually either is set as read by another Zammad instance or another user that simply reads the mail faster.

good point, I guess that was the cause, I’ve unchecked ticket.customer from our agent role and seems that everything is working back to normal. Thanks a lot!

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