Zammad 4x on UCS?

Hey Zammad,

I’d like to know when zammad 4.x expected to be available on Univention Corporate Server?


We in general don’t provide any ETAs on releases sorry.
I currently didn’t start on that release part yet due to time reasons.

Please also note that even if we’d have finished it still has to go through UCS QA processes which take time.

Thanks @MrGeneration for letting me know.

Just small side note:
Zammad 4.1.0-52 just left our internal QA for Univention and is waiting for UCS QA process.
Shouldn’t be too long from now.


Thank you @MrGeneration for letting me know. I think, It’s one of the main “things” with the UCS Appcenter Apps. Pretty often you simply don’t know, when upgrades will be available.

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