Zammad 4.0's GitLab integration - howto?

After updating to Zammad 4.0 I wanted to have a look at the new GitLab integration. I was able to establish the integration and link a Zammad ticket to a ticket on a our self hosted GitLab.

But I can’t find any information about how to use the other features:

  • The integration automatically creates a ticket in Zammad for new GitLab issues. Within the ticket, you can make various changes to the issue.
  • If desired, you can update the status of the issue directly in Zammad. The following options are available:
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Moved
  • Add important information about the issue directly via the Zammad ticket. This includes for example:
    • Labels
    • Status of the issue
    • Who it is assigned to
    • etc.

I think I missed something to configure?!?

What makes you think that the mentioned functions are available to the integration?
If they would, we would mention it in the documentation.

TL;DR: The function you’re seeking is not available.

Good to know so I don’t have to investigate further in this :slight_smile:

I searched for it because of the announcement of the GitLab integration for Zammad 4.0.

Thanks for the hint. I’ve informed our webmaster to correct this information.
Sorry for the confusion.