Zammad 2.2 - Release Notes

Here you find the release notes for the upcoming Zammad 2.2. release.
The packages will be available later this day. Sorry for the delay this month. We had some larger issues regarding Elasticsearch and the attachment plugins which took more time than expected.

EDIT 07/12/17: all hosted Zammad instances have been updated to 2.2.

2.2.0 (2017-12-06)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • email forward of article (like regular email client forward - e. g. forward customers message to third party contact) #573 [enhancement]
  • Take over attachment on ticket split #195 [enhancement]
  • Enable state “merged” for admin overviews, triggers and jobs #1689 [enhancement]
  • Elasticsearchs mapper-attachments plugin has been deprecated, use ingest-attachment now #599 [enhancement]
  • Improve i-doit filtering (without type) #1571 [enhancement]
  • Reset customer selection in ticket create screen if input field cleared #1670 [enhancement]
  • Add config option for intelligent customer selection of incoming emails of agents #1671 [enhancement]
  • Twitter: Allow tweet articles to be 280 chars long #1628 [enhancement]
  • Chat language setting or behaviour in dutch #1618 [enhancement]
  • leading and tailing utf8 spaces are not removed for email addresses are not removed #1579 [enhancement]
  • Import emails with same message_id but target was different channels #1578 [enhancement]

Fixed bugs:

  • Webform isn´t available | 401 Unauthorized #1604 [bug]
  • TimeAccounting ticket condition prevents submit of Zoom #1513 [bug]
  • Unable to re-order overviews in admin interface with over 100 overviews #1681 [bug]
  • Unable to open trigger in admin interface #1666 [bug]
  • Users mail_delivery_failed is not removed after changing the email address #1661 [bug]
  • Tickets are deleted but database is still the same size #1649 [bug]
  • Translation for form widget in Dutch #1623 [enhancement]
  • Exchange Integration SSL Error with self-signed root certificate authority #1442 [bug]
  • Unable to sort overview by priority #1595 [bug]
  • LDAP Integration: Comprehensive configuration cause the import to fail #1457 [bug]
  • {“error”:“Role Customer conflicts with Admin”} #1509 [bug]
  • prevent admin from locking out #1563 [bug]

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