Zabbix integration


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: OpenSuse package
  • Operating system: OpenSuse LEAP 15.2

Hi, we have a Zabbix monitoring customer installations. Now we like to have Zammad tickets for every customer alert. This is what I’ve done in Zammad:

Created Zammad users for every customer:

On every Zammad user I have set Name=“Zammad” Surname=“Alerter” (both mandatory).

Permissions: [x] Agent

Group “Service” [ ] Read [ ] Create [ ] Modify [ ] Overview [x] Full


In the users profile I created a Token for ticket.agent.

That works. Zabbix can now create Tickets in the “Service” Group. The Ticket organisation of the customer is detected as expected because we are using virtual mail adresses at their domain which don’t exist.
However in the ticket owner listbox we have not a long list of “Zabbix Alerter” users. So is this all required like [x] Full permission for the group? These users are no real users and only required for the Zabbix interface.

You can learn more on group permissions here:

As soon as an agent has full permission he can be chosen as ticket owner.
You probably rather want to use create only.

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