"You have not created a ticket yet" shown but I already have closed tickets

Our users have expressed that the message shown (You have not created a ticket yet…) is misleading. This is shown when being in “Overview → My active tickets” when having zero active tickets.

I agree with the users that this message could be improved - You don’t have any active tickets. Please click the button to create a new one.

Is it possible to change this text myself or is it not really supported with regards to keeping my text after a Zammad upgrade?

Technically this happens, because you’ve decided to “split” the overview “my tickets” logically between open and closed tickets. This helps the overview of your user, however, causes empty overviews which then causes above shown issue.

In my opinion a simple adjustment of the overview wouldn’t be enough, but that’s not my decision.
To your question: While you can adjust the above shown text, the change is not update safe.

Please create a github issue at https://github.com/zammad/zammad


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