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I don’t really know if it’s a specific use case, or if everyone handles it like this, but in our zammad enviroment, there are only some people who see every created tickets when people send a mail or call. Then, for example the head of department assigns the ticket to the different agents, but I haven’t found any overview of how occupied the agents are.

Lets say theres one agent with 20 open tickets and one with only 2 open tickets, it would be a better idea to assign a new ticket to the agent with less open tickets, but I didn’t find a way to have a overview of the workload of all agents.

I think this would be a nice and useful feature, if it doesn’t already exist and I just didn’t find it. :slight_smile:

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I think that’s a rather special use case in my opinion.
Because that guy assigning tickets should at least know the approx. work load of each ticket.

Personally I prefer picking up a new ticket when you have time (or a collegue asks you to take a ticket from them as they’re at the end of their possibilities). In your case, to ensure you see how much open tickets our agent has, you could create overviews per agent (for your one guy assigning tickets) that will show all open tickets (or including other states if needed, depending on how you guys work). That way he will see ticket counts.

Again, I personally think that this can be missleading depending of the difficulty of a ticket.
I can have 3 tickets (another agent 20), but the difficulty can be totally different as I need e.g. the same time answering 3 tickets while the other agent manages to answer 20 tickets in the same time - for whatever reason.

Maybe this helps you with your workflows.
If it does, and the need for such a “special” overview is obsolete, it would be great if you could change the category to “technical assistance”. :slight_smile:


Well, creating one overview page per agent would be way to complicated if you have lots of agents (like 100+ or so), and when you have only a little amount of agents this wouldn’t be neccessary, because you’d probably know what which agent is doing at the time.
I agree the number of tickets is no unique sign, but It’s a nice overview. If the agent who got assigned a ticket can’t handle it he can assign it to another one and leave a comment or so, at least thats how we do it now, but that’s not the best workflow I guess.

The problem is, if people don’t get the ticket assigned they won’t do anything, or work slower on their existing tickets.
And yes the guy who assigns the ticket knows the approx. workload of a ticket, but what he does not know is how much things the agent which he’s assigning the ticket to has to do already.

But if that’s not possible it’s ok, would’ve just been a nice feature to have like an overview page for all your agents :wink:

I see.
No problem, we tend to try to help with existing functions whenever possible! :slight_smile:

You could take a look onto the auto assignment feature, this basically causes Zammad to auto assign the ticket to the agent opening the ticket first if its new. That might be a problem. Of course you could also use a overview “Open Tickets” where your agents can pick a new tickets if “my tickets” is empty as example.

Beside that you could use the API to automate such a function. By using the API you could also check how many tickets are open per agent right now. Maybe that helps.

If not just leave it open as Feature request and we’ll see what the rest of the community thinks. :slight_smile:

Edit: If this feature is important to you and you need it badly (now hehe) we could also provide a custom development, if you’re interested.

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