Who created a new user?


  • Used Zammad version: 2.9.x
  • Operating system: CentOS 7

Expected behavior:

  • We need to know, who creates an user. Therefore I searched inside the production.log but I found nothing. What I have to do, to see who creates a new user?


In the Rails Console, try the following commands:

creatorid = User.find_by(login:"example@email.com").created_by_id
creator = User.find_by(id: creatorid)
puts "name: #{creator.firstname} #{creator.lastname}"
puts "email: #{creator.email}"

Or you could just use the user history function within the UI:

Also works on system created users (e.g. if Zammad had to create the users because of the first incoming mail of an unknown user):

- - is system user with ID 1.


That’s what Iam looking for!!! :slight_smile:

Ok, our system created the users.

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