Which Dyno Type Zammad 5.0.2 uses


I need to know which Dyno Type Zammad uses ?

Thanks .

What in the world is a dyno type?
What’s the issue, what’s the goal?

I’m working on zammad perf tunning and trying to figure out how to set those env variables :


By searching i found this :

My goal is how to set those values and I guess it will be helpfull for all the communities .

Thanks .

@MrGeneration, any update please .

Performance tuning is covered by the documentation:

Whatever dyno types are, they do not belong to Zammad and it’s processes.
As you didn’t care to share more information on your information, this is as far as I can help.

A side note:
Bumping threads does not do yourself favors, because I’m sorting after update date and am working in order. Bumping pushes your thread into the wrong direction.

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