Where to get instructions?

I’m testing zammad for one week now and really like it, however for some features I can not find instructions how to use and configure them.

I tried getting answers here in the community, however the response seems to be very low.

I’m not blaming anybody, but I’m wondering where to get that neccessary information that are not content of the current documentation.

I see a lot of potential in zammad and want to learn more, so where to start?

Do you know this documentation?


yes I’m aware of that. However it covers only the basic functions and many of them are not covered at all yet

Hi LittleNeo,

if you can give us an example we might fix this.
We have three documentations to cover at the moment, so please be gentle.

You are also free to create issues on our documentation github repos which topic if you think something essential is missing.


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