Where do I see an over view of which agents have answered which question?

where do I see an over view of which agents have answered which question?

I assume there is a way to review agents performance and see how many tickets they have answered per day… but i cant find it… Can someone open my eyes?


I am also just reviewing Zammad Ticket System for the first time. (I am just new user)

Thought I would give this a go since I also might require it.

I think you might be able to create what you after in the overview section. You can create a new overview in the Admin Section.

I do not have enough data in my Zammad to test this for you but something like this maybe:

This shows something like this: (Again I do not have enough data to test this but give it a go).

Sorry if I have taken you down the wrong path. I am just beginner. :sweat_smile:


Note to Zammad developers quite hard to screenshot some of these web application sections. (Tools used Firefox Screenshot Tool & Flameshot)

That seems to be a pretty good idea—but please take note of the documentation on overviews:

[…] Overviews can cause performance issues leading to no longer or less often refreshing overviews!

When ever possible, try to use the same overviews for as many agents and groups as possible to keep the number of overviews low. For best results, you might want to use between 15-20 overviews maximum.

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Just a small sidenote from my end:
By default the state of a ticket will change from new to open upon the first agent reply on a ticket.
You could filter for exactly that.

You could also use triggers to change the state to a specific open state if an agent answers by mail. This helps to create unique situations that helps you on filtering for exactly that.

However, keep in mind that overviews currently are limited to 2100 objects which is why you may want to limit the time period of the tickets shown or ensure the state is no longer valid if not really required.

But maybe I’m just not getting the use case. :slight_smile:

“Agent performance” – statistics. While I think that could be a great addition to Zammad, I’m not sure about the percentage of users that would use such features.

Also, I wouldn’t consider those raw numbers useful – some agents may close way more tickets than others, but primarily work on tickets which don’t take lots of time.

I’d like to suggest Zammad + Elasticsearch + Grafana ==> :heart:

This gives you so much great power and will outrule our internal basic reporting.

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