What about version 3.4.0?

I see it released on Github, but there is no mention in the blog or in the changelog. Also, the downloads are still for version 3.3.0.

Is it to be used? Can anyone shed some light on this?


Well, it is tagged.

tagged is not released in the Zammad universe.
Zammad 3.3 currently is stable.

Zammad 3.4 is on it’s way, however, it still takes some time.

We will post a notification on this board, our website in the news section and -of course- updates on stable then will bring you to Zammad 3.4.

Edit: Zammad 3.4 currently is develop. You can see it as nightly build or like I would put it: Don’t use in production.

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Thanks for the clarification!

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Zammad 3.4 is ready! Strange, what no announcement here.

I always take 1-14 days to do so for various reasons, just give me time. :wink:


“1-14 days” made my day. :joy: