Webhhook Integration of new Activity Types


hope you all doing well.

I will start with shortly describe the situation.
We use Zammad together with a few other tools (e.g. Kimai2 for Time Accounting). For this, its is necessary to track the type of activity the agent has done to the ticket.

In the past we are forced to use key word at the start of an article (e.g. Travel Time, Service, Project and so on).

After that we send the article via Webhook to an “handler” which extracts all informations and creates time entrys in different tools to track time in Project and so on.

Thats the situation so far, not very elegant but works very well.

So, in the latest release its now possible to create activity types - THANKS A LOT FOR THAT.


The Webhook which Zammad sends out on creating a new article with the attribute “accounted_time” does not contain any hints where i can see the choosen activity type.

So my request is:

Would it be possible to add a new attribute “activity_type” to the webhook ?
Or, if more easier to acomplish, could you add references for accounted_time and activity_type as Custom Payload in webhook ?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,