Way for chat users to self-select chat topic or group?

I’m looking for a way to embed the live chat functionality on a single “support” page on our website and allow the user to self-select a specific chat topic (or group?) so that the chat notification would be routed to a specific subset of available agents.

I know that I could embed separate live chat widgets with different chatid on separate pages on our site and then the notifications would only be available to agents who have that topic set as “enabled” in their customer chat settings, but it seems a little clunky to have to create half a dozen different support pages on the site.

Has anyone found a way to do this without creating multiple pages?

You could do so technically with a lot of javascript magic and e.g. a drop down to switch the chatid within the applet code.

That’s the only technical solution I see at this moment. Zammad chat is not capable of asking your customer for further information.

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Thanks, changing the chatid with a dropdown doesn’t sound like too much magic, though it might still be a little clunky from a UI perspective to have the dropdown be physically separate from the chat widget. If I decide I definitely don’t want to do separate pages, I’ll play with this idea.

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We do this by implementing the script several times with a different chatid on the same page and option show set to false. Then we have a button for each topic (using a separate buttonClass for each button of course) to open the chat for a specific topic.

Problem is, that if the user refreshes the page or navigate to another page of our website while the chat window is active, all chat windows of all topics will open at once.

This may have more drawbacks, though. But at the moment this works for us.

And there is an advantage, too. Only the buttons with available agents are shown. I’m not sure how to handle that with a drop down if only some agents for a few topics are available.

So if in case of a refresh of the page all other chat windows (except the active one) would remain closed, this would be a perfect solution for us.

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