Waiting for customer response overview does not work properly

  • Used Zammad version: 6.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: (docker-compose)
  • Operating system: Debian 12
  • Browser + version: 119.0.2151.72

Expected behavior:

  • I want it to work this way: When I reply to a ticket, I want the ticket to show up in Waiting for customer.

Actual behavior:

  • It shows all tickets i have interacted with, for example i have created a note.

Steps to reproduce behavior:

  • Add overview, add condition: Last contact agent before 1 minute
    and status is open.

Why not actually set the ticket into a pending reminder state?
That’s much cleaner and easier to filter for.

How do we get customer input when agent wants additional details. Is there a way customer can add notes to that ticket

Please don’t hijack threads with your questions if they don’t match the topic. In your case that’s unfortunately the case. Create your own topic, use the template and try to describe your problem as detailed as possible.

Many answers can also already be found in the documentation of Zammad.