Visual indicator for unread tickets/updates

Coming from other helpdesk systems, one thing I really miss is way to easily see which tickets have new/unread content. Think of how email clients and notifications have the read/unread concept.

In Zammad, I find it very easy to not see a users reply. I may have 10 long running tickets at various stages, some waiting for user replies, or 3rd parties, etc. The only way I catch new replies (without periodically going into each ticket), is to keep a close watch on the notification stream, which can be quite noisy.

This seems like an obvious missing feature to me, and it makes me wonder how other people are getting around this. Perhaps I need to be leveraging triggers or something, but this does feel like a core feature that should be built-in to Zammad.

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We use e-mail notifications, as it is what we used in OTRS.

But this is an interesting topic and we might do it different in the future with Zammad.

Options I see:

  1. Use an overview sorted by last contact (customer)
  2. Use a additional ticket state (“open - replied”) and triggers.

Maybe something like
Trigger 1: Action is update and article sender is customer → set state “open - replied”
Trigger 2: Action is update and article sender is not customer and state is “open - replied” → set state open

Yeah the problem with triggers is setting is back to the “read” state. I don’t think a trigger can be “triggered” by viewing a ticket which is what you’d want for marking a ticket as “read”.

I feel this needs to be something builtin to Zammad that keeps track of the “read” status. Then if someone “reads”, it’s either marked as read for everyone or marked as read just for the user that opened it. I can imagine both implementations being useful depending on how Zammad is being used. For example, you may want a ticket to be marked as “unread” if another agent leaves a note, so you’d need per-user read-state to achieve that, but then there would be circumstances where you’d want it to behave like an email client and mark the ticket as read if any agent has looked at it.

In our system there’s not a single ticket with the state “open” or “new” if it doesn’t require any attention. As soon as a customer replies the ticket will switch back to “open” automatically and thus also appear in overviews.

Imho this is the cleanest work path you can go with the maximum possible overview of your issues. Everything else -in my humble opinion- is useless and causing confusion because you keep running through uninteresting stuff in that moment.

Yeah, that is a much better solution. So you have a bunch of other states like “Waiting for customer response”, “Processing scheduled” and such and set it any other state but “open” when you update a ticket?