Visibility Knowledge based


I tried to find the possibility to add the visibility in knowledge based for specific Organization is there a way that we can do that, not sure if this is already implemented.

Please do let me know. because inside our zammad support system we have different client and inside different client we have different business process that must not be in public or share to other organization.

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.


Or even role-based visibility for internal categories would be very useful


Just for your information, we already have this on our list:

ETA is unknown.


I’d also love visibility based on organisation—so we could easily have customised articles for some customers. Of course we could also create roles for that purpose, but it’d be nicer this way :slight_smile:

Visibility for registered customer only we wait before we use the Knowledge base our KB is still on draft because of some details cant publish in public.

thank you

We also need this feature. We have customers in different countries and want to make only relevant information available to them.

It would be great if you could also set the visibility for different editor groups.

We have editors that shouldn’t be able to see or edit certain entries.

For example if an editor from the finance department does not need to see the entries for the IT department. It would help that no accidentally edits or removes something that they shouldn’t have edit rights to.

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