Usr tickets limit,Img display, Mail notification etc,

Greeting, Sir and Madam…
I need a little help to implement Zammad to be fit to some requirement.
I think what I really need is exactly what Zammad already has…
I just need some guide to config them to get in shape.
I do need suggestion about these action.

  1. Can Zammad set the user’s ticket limit?
    Customer 1 is on role A, can create 10 tickets.
    Customer 2 is on role B, can create 20 tickets.
  2. So we can’t auto display the uploaded picture (normally show only file name) ?
    ex.what happen when we choose file to upload like .jpg or .png in facebook chat.
  3. Is there a way to get notification to agent or admin when someone registered ?
    I need to approve new users, any suggestion about it ?
  4. Can i edit the overview of any user or maybe show some MOTD to user when they logged in ?
    The overview when admin is not either an agent will be TOO white blank space, so i need to do something with it…
    Thank you and forgive me if there’s already an answer in the community.
    With Respect


no, this is not possible.

At the moment Zammad does not support facebook-Chats. Normally it should be an attachment as well. Please note that you can use inline images within articles if needed, but doing that “right” might be a bit troublesome.

No. You can implement that via API if you really need to, personally I don’t see the use case.
Please note: Zammad will auto create users whenever needed (e.g. unknown customer writes a mail to Zammad)

You can fiddle around with the dashboard, but:
I currently can’t give you any documentation on this plus: it’s not update safe at the moment.

I hope this helps you

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