Users accidentally create phone tickets instead of mail tickets

We’re using Zammad productively for about a month now, and all in all it works pretty well. Apart from some minor issues that I’m planning to work on when I’m back from vacation there is one bigger problem which I’m not sure how to solve yet: some of our users sometimes confuse phone tickets and mail tickets.

Our agents usually want to send a mail (scenarios where our agents actually want to create a phone tickets are rather rare), but sometimes they accidentally create a phone ticket instead, which of course doesn’t send a mail. So far we’ve accumulated 11 accidental phone tickets created by 6 different agents (found with a search for create_article_type:phone). As we only use mail to communicate with our customers (the customers aren’t allowed to access Zammad), this is obviously a big problem, because contrary to what the agent thinks, no mail has actually been sent. Two agents even fell for it again after I had already discussed the problem with them.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any idea on how we could improve the interface to reduce the danger?

My first idea how to improve it: label the green “Create” button below the form differently, depending on the type of ticket that is being created. For received call/outbound call it should say “Create phone ticket”, and for Send Email it should say “Send Email”.

I’ve seen people work arounding this problem by setting up a trigger that will fire a mail to the customer when:

  • ticket is created
  • article type is phone
  • sender is agent

This is by far not perfect, as attachments will not make it to the customer in cases an agent uploads attachments. I don’t happen to initially forget to set the new Ticket to “Send Mail” - but when I do, I always notice the missing signature and fix this before creating the ticket. I mean yes, this only applies to me. :slight_smile:

Edit: I think what you’d need is the “send mail tab” to be selected by default to sovle this problem for you completely.

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Hm, but that more or less turns phone tickets into mail tickets, even in cases where you actually want to create a phone ticket. That would just create a new problem, especially if the agent puts private notes into the phone ticket’s text that the customer is not supposed to read ^^

That would probably be sensible. I’d guess that creating email tickets is also what most other agents are primarily doing? We could add an option for that that allows agents to set a default ticket type. Maybe per group?

Any thoughts about changing the “Create” button? I’m considering to create a merge request for this.

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Hi. I use Zammad in two companies and all would really love to see “creating email tickets” on the first position. I think the best option is to set a “default ticket type” per group, as you mentioned above.
LG Jan

Correction: We need to set it as default for all groups. Not a group based setting.

While fiddling with my dev version, I’ve noticed several hidden settings in the settings table, among them:

zammad_development=> select * from settings where name = 'ui_ticket_create_default_type';
-[ RECORD 1 ]-+---------------------------------------------------------------
id            | 38
title         | Default type for a new ticket
name          | ui_ticket_create_default_type
area          | UI::TicketCreate
description   | Select default ticket type
options       | --- !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess       +
              | form:                                                         +
              | - !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess         +
              |   display: ''                                                 +
              |   'null': false                                               +
              |   multiple: false                                             +
              |   name: ui_ticket_create_default_type                         +
              |   tag: select                                                 +
              |   options: !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess+
              |     phone-in: 1. Phone inbound                                +
              |     phone-out: 2. Phone outbound                              +
              |     email-out: 3. Email outbound                              +
state_current | --- !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess       +
              | value: email-out                                              +
state_initial | --- !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess       +
              | value: phone-in                                               +
frontend      | t
preferences   | --- !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess       +
              | permission:                                                   +
              | - admin.ui                                                    +
created_at    | 2019-01-26 15:50:41.72934
updated_at    | 2019-01-26 15:50:41.729

(The state_current value has been modified by me, it’s usually phone-in.)

So it seems someone has already worked on this in the past: ~ (develop) % git log -S 'ui_ticket_create_default_type'
commit 896e4f0492b9a298aee01d68d21400922983c721
Author: Mantas <>
Date:   Wed May 2 18:49:35 2018 +0300

    Fixes #1987 makes ticket create types configurable

The following command in the Rails console actually makes it work :smiley:

Setting.set('ui_ticket_create_default_type', 'email-out')

For some reason there are quite some interesting settings that apparently never made it into the UI? :o:

EDIT: soooo many interesting options!

Setting.set('ui_ticket_create_notes', {'phone-in': 'Du erstellst gerade ein Telefon-Ticket - es wird keine E-Mail verschickt!'})


Oh holy moly!
I guess someone needs to update the console section in our docs (I’ll do it soon ™ :D)

Edit: Here we go:


Are there other interesting/useful settings you’d recommend checking out? (Maybe you could spare some time to add more hidden settings?) :slight_smile:

I currently have no ressources to do so.
You can find all current settings (hidden or not) here:

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