Use E-Mail address multiple times

Used Zammad version: 5.2.x
Used Zammad installation type: Package
Operating system: Debian 10
Browser + version: Chrome 105

Expected behavior:

Adding same outgoing Mail address from 1st account on 2nd Mail account under #channels/email

Actual behavior:

We have the same Mail account 2 times in our system.

1st: xxx@xxx.xx (INBOX/SUBFOLDER)
Special filtered mails from exchange that are coming into this subfolder
This goes to “Group 1”

2nd: xxx@xxx.xx (INBOX)
All other mails from Inbox
Here we cant add the same outgoing address
This goes to “Group 2”

The difference here would be the Display name on the outgoing Mails
But we can’t add the same outgoing address on the second Mail account, which is basically the same.

When trying to add the outgoing Address, we got the following error:

PG::UniqueViolation: FEHLER: doppelter Schlüsselwert verletzt Unique-Constraint »index_email_addresses_on_email« DETAIL: Schlüssel »(email)=(xxx@xx.xx)« existiert bereits.

Is there something i can do to save my wished configuration?

We replaced our current setup. No need to answer anymore…