Upgrade to Bootstrap 5

I want to upgrade to Bootstrap 5.
I need to migrate this code, as jQuery is no longer needed.

      $(function() {
                                messageTitle: 'Technical Feedback Form',
                                messageSubmit: 'Submit',
                                messageThankYou: 'Thank you for your inquiry (#%s)! We\'ll contact you as soon as possible.',
                                showTitle: true,
                                modal: true,
                                attachmentSupport: true

Do you know how I can do this?

I tried doing something like this:


but it doesn’t work.

You could try the no jquery versions: zammad/public/assets/chat at stable · zammad/zammad · GitHub

Or, if it’s about the jquery version, wait for Zammad 5 release which will update the jquery to 3.x

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