Update from 6 to 7

I have read that we have to migrate to postgresql for using the zammad 7.x version…

Here my question:
I have installed it via the repository package.
So the update is via Apt on a Debian OS.

Does my database convert automatically or do I have to do something manually?

I want to make a clone of my existing server and try it out.


You can consult the documentation:



Hi thanks!

I followed the steps.
The command-file script does everything like magic.

One instance was already on the newest version.
Since which clean install version is postgreql as default ?

Could be something to write on the docs.
May saved some time….

  • The command script will throw a warning with this information for everyone who would like to know

Else, search for the databases config file, there is this information stored.


PostgreSQL has been our default suggestion and always was the default installed database if you wouldn’t provide a host with MariaDB/MySQL installed. At least since Zammad 2.4 the documentation is encouraging PostgreSQL over MariaDB installations.

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