Under a new ticket: suggest existing, related ticket

I saw discussions about a knowledge base. I think thanks to the cool elasticsearch the closed tickets in itself provide some kind of knowledge base.

I could search in successfully closed tickets for my problem.

Well, I have an even more automated suggestion. If a ticket is opened, zammad could search in closed (or open) tickets automagically.
Then to the new ticket there could be a list of

  • related problems (with links to open tickets) or
  • related solution (with links to successfully closed tickets).

How would zammad know, which tickets to display?

I think there are different approaches and I might not be the right guy to define this :wink:

  • The admin could define a list of topic-words, search-words. zammad could check, if these search-words appear in the new ticket and search for tickets with the two or three most used search words in the new ticket.
  • Zammad could be “intelligent” enough and simply search for all words in a ticket. (may we could have a blacklist with words like “maybe”:wink: Then search automatically for (replace sensible logic here) words, that do not occur to often in the new ticket (might be “and” or “I”)…

Of course a helpdesk agent coult all do this manually.
But I think, that it helps the agent to get a list of 5, 10, 15 subjects of tickets with some hints. To think outside the box. Or to just see, that similar problems exist and the helpdesk agent A could discuss this with helpdesk agent B, who is currently working on a similar ticket.


I think (or hope) if the zammad team is thinking on a knowledgebase, they will not implement it as a stupid “data grave”.
I´m shure, they will give the knowledgebase some sort of intelligence and I think it will be something like your suggestion.

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I’m totally exited about this knowledgebase - didn’t see it yet.

But since this is a knowledgebase in the first place, I honestly doubt that related ticket suggestion will be there in initial state. But I can ask the devs if that helps. Maybe they’ll talk to me :smiley:

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